ci_4983Having a Heineken on a hot summer day is like sipping sunshine! Nothing is more refreshing at a BBQ or by the pool than an ice cold bottle of this beer… am I right? This European Lager has been famous for many years and with only 142 calories, it’s simply enjoyable. Living in Manhattan has it’s ups and downs on hot summer days, and some of those include not wanting to leave your hopefully air conditioned apartment to go buy booze. I know myself, and some days I don’t move from my couch due to the sweltering heat, sticky subways, and overall summer laziness.

Luckily for us New Yorkers we have a service that will deliver our booze to us, and thats Drizly! This service allows you to order bottles of Heineken Lager or Light, as well as mini kegs, and so much more all from great wine and beer stores in your area. They deliver cold Heineken right to your door, and it’s all possible thanks to this app.

I enjoy Heineken paired with some fried calamari, a medium rare burger, or simple watermelon and feta salad (all perfect for summer). For those of you looking for a refreshing beer to sip, while staying in the comfort of your own apartment in NYC, try Drizly and Heineken… they go well together!

Always remember eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly.