I recently received a Bokksu Box containing a delicious selection of premium Japanese snacks! Honestly, nothing beats a snack box, and this one is a ton of fun. Each month has a new theme and April is all about Spring and the beautiful Cherry Blossoms. Sakura trees only flower for a few short weeks, and Japanese people love to partake in hanami by going outside and enjoying good food with friends under the cherry blossoms. Japanese snacks are also seasonal,

So, what’s in the April Blossoming Spring Bokksu Box? A lot of fun items are inside including Sakura Love Tea, Baked Chocolate Strawberry, Sakura Shrimp Kakimochi, Hand-Baked Butter Senbei, Strawberry Pocky, Sakura Chocolate Crepes, and so much more!

Every item in these boxes is unique and delicious. Experiencing other cultures through food is really a great way to open up your mind and palate. Founder Danny Taing developed his passion for food and travel while living and working in Japan for many years. During his time there, he dove himself into the culture and traveled all around the country. Along the way, he found many snacks and made sure to try as many as he could get his hands on. It was a couple of the mango chiffon cakes in Kyushu and the freshly hand ground matcha in Kyoto that Danny found his passion.

“After returning to the U.S., he was frustrated with the limited availability of the authentic snacks he had discovered during his time abroad. Yearning for a real taste of Japan, he set out to create Bokksu: a premium subscription service that delivers a cultural and gourmet journey through Japan to your doorstep each month.Bokksu is unlike any other Japanese snack subscription. We are totally in love with authentic Japanese snacks, which is why we handpick snacks that people in Japan actually eat and curate them into beautiful themed boxes every month. We are also the only Japanese box subscription that includes a Tea Pairing specifically selected to complement that month’s delicacies as well as a Tasting Guide that describes the story and flavors of each item in the box.” – Bokksu.com

Snack boxes make a great gift for the foodie in your life. Whether you have been to Japan miss the snacks or simply want to give someone you love a creative gift that they can share (with you hopefully), Bokksu is something they will never forget. If you really want to immerse yourself in the Japanese snack world, then make sure to sign up for the monthly subscription box and enjoy endless delicious snacks!