IMG_4173One of the scariest Haunted Houses in NYC is Blood Manor. Located on Varick Street, you will be scared for hours after just one visit. Even if you like spooky, creepy, and gory, there are surprises lurking around every corner here at the Manor, where Blood is just an accessory, and screams fuel the ghouls, guts, and grimace demeanor.

For those of you who enjoy October as much as I do, you have to pay a visit to Blood Manor because only in October, is where you can witness this amazingly scary haunted walk through, and receive the “Halloween” feeling.

IMG_4277For those of you who get a little spooked, drink some red wine before you go. A glass or two should ease your nerves and prep you for dark halls, scary villains, and gory scenes. Afterwards, I recommend going to get yourself a stiff cocktail, such as an Manhattan, or a Dirty Martini… this will help calm you down for the night. After two or three Manhattan’s or Martinis, you will slowly start to come to terms with what you just witnessed, and may even be amped to do it all over again; or at least sleep through the night without any nightmares!
This Halloween month, do something scary, crazy, and a little out of the ordinary… visit Blood Manor.

Do you dare… to get scared?