IMG_7019Blind tasting Bordeaux at Bouley with Matthieu Guyon of Domaines Rollan de By, was just another typical Wednesday afternoon… not! It was absolutely fantastic and it’s about time I talked about some great Bordeaux on this blog!

Here we blind tasted not just any Bordeaux, but 2004 Chateau Margaux, and many others including Matthieu’s wines. In the blind tasting, his wines actually came out above the Margaux, which ranges around $600.00/ bottle. Thanks to Palm Bay International, I got to taste these amazing wines because I may have never gotten to try these wines on my own.

IMG_7038    Domaines Rollan de By is quality and terroir driven Bordeaux that is certainly a little more affordable. You can easily pick up any one of the labels, such as: Chateaux Haut Condissas, Rollan de By and Greysac from anywhere from $80.00-$100 plus; much better than $600.00, don’t you think?

IMG_7026    After the wonderful blind tasting, we were then served exquisite cuisine to pair. The menu included, Potato, Cheese, and a Black Truffle welcome canapé, along with a Watermelon Soup with Soy Ice Cream, Tomato Water, and Ice.

IMG_7037For the first course, the Mushroom Medley, Tuna, and Coconut Foam with Black Truffles went beautifully with the Rollan de By Bordeaux’s. Here we tasted three along side and each brought out meatiness and richness in this particular dish.


Next to come out: a Wellfleet Lobster over Japanese Charcoal, Pea Puree, Parsley Puree, Japanese Pickled Turnip, and Lobster Saffron Consume. The seafood was a daring pairing on chef’s part, but an absolutely stunning one at that.

IMG_7033   The most unique serving bowl came out after the lobster course, and what was inside was deliciously different and so savory with the wines. Scrambled Eggs, Comte Cheese, White Italian Truffles, and Scallions hit the table. The warm comforting side of this dish made the terroir pop out of these wines, where the minerality stood up to the bold truffle flavors, and the cheese effortlessly smoothed it all out making this a unique and delectable pairing.




With Bordeaux, there will always be a meat pairing. Chef brought out Colorado Lamb Loin and Chopped Rose Olive Puree with Onions, Zucchini Mint Puree, and Ricotta Gnocchi. The meat was a rare and medium rare, which made a nice textual comparison with the wines.


IMG_7047Before a beautiful array of chocolates, chef brought out a fun and exciting palate cleanser/ pre-dessert. Chilled Coconut Soup with Pineapple Granita, Ten Exotic Fruit Sorbet, and Amaretto Ice Cream was served and it was out of this world, yum!





Like I said… it’s not everyday I get to blind taste Bordeaux at Bouley with some amazing wine professionals and makers. Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love! If you are interested in finding out more about these wonderful Bordeaux’s, comment below and I will give you a complete list of all Matthieu’s wines and where you can find them!