Williamsburg, as many of us know, is up and coming when it comes to great restaurants, apartment rentals, and of course… cocktail spots! One bar and restaurant that struck this somm, was Bibilo on North 6th Street and Bedford Avenue. The ambiance is comfortable with lots of dark wood and a nice bar, making it a great casual date spot, with a menu that will impress. Serving inventive cocktails and top of the line whiskeys, this “library inspired” restaurant will surely be one of your go to Williamsburg spots.
This restaurant focuses on ingredients that are fresh, home made, and comfortable. Even the facebook page has videos of Chef Joe whipping up some amazing dishes, which ties in with this friendly, passionate, restaurant. Chef let me taste my way through a selection of Smoked Cauliflower that was sensational! Accompanying the smoked deliciousness was home made Tater Tots with Whiskey Caviar on top; it was out of this world amazing. Paired with these two dishes was the fun Biblio 75, a sparkling cocktail that packs quite the fruity punch! This one totally hit the spot with these fun appetizers!

Following these selections were the Dinosaur Kale Salad and Escarole Salad, topped with smoked almonds. The kale salad was unique and packed with flavor, making this the first kale salad I tried that didn’t taste or feel like I was eating a healthier dish.  Now, not that I’m not a salad person, but I must say, I do love my meat, so what came next was surely a pure delight! The burger, cooked medium rare, was super juicy, full of flavor, and the perfect entrée after those filling, but shareable salads. With fries that were perfectly seasoned and had just the right kick, it was a match made in heaven with my Great Titan IPA! For the vegetarians of course, another dish is right up your alley and one I loved with their Mexicana cocktail. The Red Jacket Barley is savory and served warm, making it a one of a kind entrée that will please all palates!

For dessert, because a chef with a menu this good, always feeds the foodies, we tasted the Black Pepper and Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta with Red Blush Pear and “The Hemingway” a lovely creamy dessert that was the perfect end to such a wonderful meal. Be sure to visit this unique “library inspired” spot for a great night in Williamsburg you surely will not forget!