The ultimate end of summer event hit Williamsburg this past weekend. Food and beverage enthusiasts flocked off the L train and enjoyed feasting on some of Brooklyn’s best dishes. I myself devoured a bunch of sweet and savory bites from many of the participating restaurants.





First stop: the cocktail table where the Aperol Spritz was the perfect way to get my palate prepped for tons of flavors. The smell was intoxicating and everywhere you turned there was something delicious. This was the 5th Annual Taste Williamsburg Greenpoint and it was packed with foodies and cocktail lovers alike.



The Rock Shrimp Slider with Sriracha Mayo, Celery, and Dill from Juliette Restaurant was perfect when paired with an Absinthe Cocktail. For those of you with a sweet side the Aphrodite Rising cocktail from Hotel Delmano went beautifully with the Fig and Serrano Ham appetizer.


Peligroso Tequila also made an appearance and shook up some great Ginger Beer and Tequila cocktails. Both the Silver and Cinnamon were refreshing and flavorsome. Angry Orchard was around and was serving up some “mean” ciders, which went very well with some Tuna Empanadas.






Between the Pulled Pork sliders, Oysters, and Desserts, its no wonder tickets were selling out for this event. Be sure to check out all the great restaurants that took part in this one of a kind food focused event, and be sure to head to Williamsburg for some of the best Brooklyn bites around!