IMG_2081The East Village really does have so much to offer. I often find the coolest spots in one of the villages in NYC. This week happened to be one of those awesome finds! A few weeks ago I met the owner of the ABC Beer Company at a press event at the Brooklyn Brewery. Zachary Mack, Zach for short, who is tall, friendly, and very passionate about craft beer, mentioned his bar was on Avenue C; given that I live about ten blocks away, which in NYC, is just a hop, skip, and a jump, I had to stop in and try some craft beer!

It’s funny, creative, and quite charming in a dark, rugged kind of way… the bar that is. When you enter you are surrounded by cool cases of domestic, and imported beers in bottles with beautiful labels. Prices are very reasonable, and you can find a lot of “hard to find” beers here.  A selection of local products fill the shelves as this bar likes to “support the city”, which is great because not only is the selection unique, but you’re getting a product you may not find in the grocery store chains.




The décor depicts a dark yet very old school neighborhood bar; you can’t help but be tempted to sink into the comfy leather chairs or bring a group of friends and sit around the oversized picnic table which takes up a good portion of the bar. What’s fun is that you can always meet new friends that way! Some interesting real estate ABC has, that many bars don’t, is a quaint back porch with a wooden double swing, rocking chairs, and bistro tables. Very fun, very cool, and great on a sunny day or cool evening… just order some of their delicious cheeses, maybe a hot pretzel, and a nice pint; you’re all set for a wonderful evening.




IMG_2074The ABC Beer Co., unlike most neighborhood bars, sells a lot of beers by the bottle, case, and even has gluten free beer, which they will happily sell or open at the bar for gluten allergic patrons. The coolest thing that I saw was the Growler, which is 4 pints of beer where customers can pick their brew and bring it home to friends and family; and the prices are really great for this option. Zach also has a rule, if you find a Growler that’s lower than his price, you get a dollar off…can’t beat it!



Be sure to stop in if you’re in the east village and looking for a cool, calm bar where you don’t have to fight for a chair and the service is friendly. You can probably meet Zach himself who is always there and will open your palate to some really interesting and fantastic beers. Visit them at