Located in Hell’s Kitchen on Ninth Avenue in NYC is Bar Gonzo. The interiors are inspired by the 70’s nightlife, and the walls are bright with bold colors like pink, green, blue, and gold. It’s quite a whirlwind when you enter because it’s colorful and lively with retro vibes and modern sophistication!

I started off with the Above The Clouds Cocktail and Peacock in Hand Cocktail (because one is just never enough). Both were delicious. The Above The Clouds is made with yuzu sake and tequila, an is smooth, which makes it a great starter cocktail to get your palate ready for some delectable dinner options. I also really enjoyed the Peacock in Hand cocktail because I love mezcal, pineapple, and spicy cocktails. This one combines all of that and absolutely won my heart here! To pair, I chose to start off with some Bacon Cracker Jack’s which is a fun bar snack with Candied Pecans and Clay Peppers. I absolutely recommend some snacks if you’re enjoying a happy hour here or have a group (it’s always fun to nosh).¬†

After a small snack and some cocktails, it was time for more serious decisions such as, “what cocktail to try next… and how many menu items are too many if they all look so good!” Luckily the staff here is very well versed with the menu and helped me make my decision much easier. I decided to try the Marinated Seafood Salad, which is refreshing and delightful. Alongside was an order of the Charred Octopus Tentacles, topped with chorizo vinaigrette. The octopus is out of this world, and I recommend ordering two because it’s hard to share it’s just that good! These are small plates, so sharing is a perfect option when dining here, so you have enough of an opportunity to try and taste multiple menu items. I decided to also try the Beef Tartare and Gonzo 365 Sangria. The tartare is wonderful and in a way, totally paired well with the sangria, due to the brown butter in the beef, and Lambrusco¬†used in the sangria.

Bar Gonzo is a fun bar and restaurant that also serves some french bread style pizza. I had to try the Too Much, Too Much which is perfect for anyone who loves pepperoni and cheese. It’s a simple pizza packed with a lot of flavors! Alongside the other courses, I was able to try a few more cocktails including the Improved Old Fashioned which is a must-have if you enjoy this style cocktail (I absolutely do).

If you’re in the mood to head to Hell’s Kitchen and are seeking a fun and lively restaurant that’s great for friends, groups, as well as date night, then check out Bar Gonzo! It’s a fun time, with great food, decor, and service.