Planning a weekend brunch with the girls? In this cold winter weather its fun to stay in sometimes, cook up a great brunch, order in, and have some Badass Bellini’s! What makes Bellini’s badass? Well, it’s using nice sparkling wine, and the not so norm peach or pear juice to make this fun cocktail.

As mentioned before on Cocktail Craze, Bantam Bagels in the West Village is a hot spot for the best bagel balls ever! This creative concept has an array of flavored bagels, cream cheeses, and stuffed goodies. The flavors are always ever changing so its great to go in every week or two to see what’s new in the Bantam world.

IMG_3124  Given were getting in the spirit of the next holiday coming up, it was no surprise that we had to try Bantam’s new valentines day bagels! The new Bantam’s are:

  • Cookies & Milk Bantam is a brown sugar walnut bagel filled with sweet walnut cream cheese
  • Red Velvet Bantam is a red velvet bagel filled with cream cheese icing cream cheese (AVAILABLE IN FEBRUARY)
  • French Toast Bantam is a cinnamon nutmeg egg bagel filled with a buttery maple syrupy cream cheese

Back to the Bellini’s using our interesting and fun flavors. The Bellini is a cocktail made using Prosecco and Peach Nectar or juice. Instead of Prosecco, we used Mumm Napa and some other fun flavorings, liquors, and spirits!

Here are some fun Bellini’s to pair with your Bantams!


Orange Blossom BellinIMG_3129

1oz Pavan Liqueur

Splash Orange Vodka

Mumm Napa Cuvee


  1. Shake Pavan and Vodka over ice in shaker
  2. Pour shaken mixture into flute and top with Sparkling Wine
  3. Rub orange wedge over the rim, serve, and enjoy with the Cookies & Milk Bantam!


Pink Kinky Bellini

1oz Kiny Liqueur

1/z oz Skinny Girl Grapefruit Sparkler IMG_3128

Mumm Napa Cuvee


  1. Shake Kinky and juice in shaker over ice
  2. Pour into bottom of glass
  3. Top with Sparkling Wine, serve, and enjoy with the Red Velvet Bantam!


Old Fashioned Bellini

1oz Cocktail Crate Holiday Old Fashioned Mix

Splash of Bitters

Mumm Napa Cuvee


  1. Shake cocktail crate holiday old fashioned and bitters over ice
  2. Pour into bottom of flute
  3. Top with Sparkling Wine and enjoy with the French Toast Bantam!


Always remember… eat what you like and drink what you love!