Joining some of the Public Relations team of Castello Banfi accompanied by fascinating food and wine professionals at Rafele Restaurant in NYC was the perfect way to spend a Monday evening. What were we drinking you may ask!? Well that night the wine maker from Bolla was in NYC and we were able to not only meet and greet with Christian himself, but we were dining with him! A night with Bolla wines and delicious Italian food surrounded by some great people in the food and wine industry was a night I will never forget!
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As we chatted about food, wine, and NYC life, while waiting for everyone to arrive we were poured a beautiful glass of Prosecco to kick off the evening. In Italy, Prosecco is a symbol of hospitality so this was very appropriate. The wine was charming and delicate. As we sat around the table, the family style appetizers started to arrive and just knowing that I was sitting a few seats away from Christian while eating fresh Prosciutto, Olives, Home Made Bread was the highlight to an eventful evening. We finished the sparkling and moved onto the Soave Bolla. For those of you who read an article of mine a few Wine Wednesday’s ago, I have written about this wine before and love this one.


Christian explains “the winemaker is a window into the life of the wine itself”. “For far too long we tried to imitate fashionable wines of the world, but what we really needed was to strip down and start over”! The beauty of hearing him speak was how passionate he was about every wine. Even with a translator helping us understand the Italian language, you could feel the energy and passion leaping out of him with every word. He is the window to the life of the Bolla wines that are being produced now. He then goes on to tell us that wine is like people and each one has a soul, so he would rather have a smaller correct wine than an exuberant award winner with no “soul”. His words are fascinating and explain why the wines he makes have so much life and are so beautiful.

Jumping back to the dinner where we continued with a pasta course and a 2010 Tufale Soave Classico along with a 2011 Bardolino, some sautéed brussel sprouts, and more delicious family style entrees. The one wine that truly stood out was the 2010 Creso. This intensely dark ruby colored wine envelopes your mouth with ripe berries and velvety tannins and paired beautifully with the meat and vegetable sides. All the wines were gorgeous, as you could have probably guessed and express what Bolla now has to offer under Christian’s artistic eye.

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Whether it was the wine, the wonderful meal, the perfect company, and or meeting the wine maker himself…this night will be one to remember. I have discovered a new love for Bolla wines and cannot wait to unlock more.