IMG_5268The Sauce, an event company for foodies recently held an event with Kitchen Surfing. The Sauce plans events for people who love food, wine, and spirits and who also love to add a little pairing too it. Kitchen Surfing brings trained chefs to your home or event space to cook, serve, and clean as well as plan the menu. This is very convenient when you want to have a few friends over and do not want to be glued to the kitchen the entire night.

Here Chef Sara Bojarski planned an Americana menu with wines to pair from Wine IMG_5273Awesomeness. Starting the beautiful night with Bacon Wrapped Dates and a Watts Up Rose was such a delight. Sara cooked the dates and bacon perfectly, while adding just a smidgen of cheese to pull this sweet and savory light bite together.

Her Celery Root Soup with Pasrley Oil  was a crowd pleaser and was earthy, warm, and absolutely delicious. Paired with this was  the La Sauvignon Blanc from Loire, France. This was perfect with the dish, as this Sauvignon Blanc IMG_5274was full of Minerality, Cirtus, and White Blossoms. For the third course, chef wowed us again with just how perfectly she cooked the tenderloin.

For those of you who actually like your meat cooked “properly”, meaning you can tell it was once an animal and not a hockey puck, then hire Sara just to do soThe meat was perfectly roasted on the outside, topped with a red wine reduction, and on the inside perfectly red and warm.

IMG_5279Alongside this came Roasted Broccoli, which was out of this world yum and Fennel Puree. The puree was deliciously creamy with just the slightest hint of fennel that went so well with the meat. Paired with this dish was a Pinot Noir, which was nice and earthy with a lot of sour cherry notes. Because this was not a heavy third course, the Pinot Noir went very well.

When speaking with Chef Sara, I had also mentioned my days as a Pastry Chef. Sara had mentioned that she tends to love the savory side more IMG_5278than baking, but also makes desserts. This was a surprise to me because her Cheesecake is delicious. This cheesecake was full of vanilla and was so creamy, yet light and airy at the same time. I must say, for someone who doesn’t absolutely love the pastry side, she certainly fooled this former pastry chef! Certainly make her stick around to make dessert, because her cheesecake won this Somm’s heart!

Be sure to check out Chef Sara on Kitchen Surfing as well as The Sauce for some great food and wine events!

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