Last Caress Cocktail

Recently I visited Bar Pleiades, in the Surrey Hotel, and it is a visit I will never forget! The dark, seductive appeal to this bar draws you in, and once you sink into their leather bar chairs or comfy couches, you will never want to leave. When I first walked in, the ambiance was quiet, alluring, and peaceful; the perfect spot to enjoy an afternoon drink and a bar bite!


Darryl Chan: Head Bartender

Darryl Chan, the Head Bartender greets customers with a smile. I was fortunate enough to be able to chat with him for a while, where he told me about his past, present, and hopes for the future. I am not sure if it was the incredible refreshing cocktails, his winning personality, or my excitement for the kitchen to open at 3PM, but I was hooked on this place within minutes! Darryl has been in the hospitality business for quite sometime, like myself, he can’t picture himself doing anything but hospitality! The restaurant business, as many of you know, becomes an addiction. The rush of the bar, the constant customers, the chatter of new and exciting people, and the liveliness of the hospitality business…nothing’s more exciting, thrilling, and challenging.


Bird Cocktail

Bird In The Hand

Now onto the goods! Darryl walked me through the new menu, which he created, along with an amazing team. There are four creative sections to this menu and where drinks change seasonally. I started off with the Last Caress, made with Chartreuse Snow, Juniper Berries, and Champagne; a whirlwind of flavors that had my mouth and head spinning with excitement! The flaky granita like snow mixed with delicious bubbly and the ever so often bit of Juniper Berry made for quite the cocktail and the perfect treat to beat the summer heat!

Once I settled down from my snowy glass of amazement, I decided to try Bird In The Hand, a fun, fruity cocktail that will be on my must order list every time I go there now! Using Flor De Cana 7 year old Rum, Rhubarb, Strawberry, and Pineapple, this drink takes you to a place of pure bliss. I had to snap back to reality while drinking this cocktail because I was in pure heaven!

3PM rolled around, and it was time to eat! The bar bites menu is so mouthwatering, that it was torture staring at it for an hour, but Darryl managed to make the time go by very fast! The first thing that arrived before my bar bites was the most delicious bar caddy I have ever had. Normally I receive just the usual nut and popcorn bowls, but not at a Boulud restaurant or bar; oh no, here they give you a selection of olives, mixed nuts, and the best chip like vegetables I have ever had!


The amazing bar snack!

Ok… onto my meal. The Garlic Parmesan Pommes Frites with Tomato Jam were out of this world, yum! The Ahi Tuna Crudo with Edamame and Charred Ramp Vinagrette was sensually appetizing; it was smooth, sweet, tangy, and the tuna was incredibly fresh. I was truly full after all that, but my fork and brain were not communicating well after being in cocktail heaven, so I also had the Basket of Arancini (tomato and mozzarella fried). Man, oh man, was this a delicious tasting, and filling enough for dinner!




My Bar Bite Spread

My Bar Bite Spread



The New Black

The New Black


And for the last cocktail, oh how this became my new favorite cocktail and I must go back for it as often as possible! The New Black, made with Yellow Sweet Clover Infused Organic Vodka, Lime, and Blackberry, was herbaceous, sweet, and a summer must have for your palate!

Want to try for yourself? Darryl works weekdays and nights and is always there to help and assist you with this inventive cocktail menu. Bar Pleiades takes the craft cocktail, and makes it a very sexy experience! This spot is perfect for after work drinks, meetings with clients, and or just to check out a great hotel bar!