Have you ever wanted to try authentic Kobe Beef? 212 Steakhouse is the first East Coast restaurant serving Kobe Beef alongside Australian Wagyu and many other delicious steakhouse options! I had the pleasure of dining here a few weeks ago and was impressed by the array of menu options as well as the cocktail selection.

Normally at a steakhouse, I go for a classic Cosmopolitan to start, however here at 212 steakhouse, I started with the Cucumber Cooler and Yankee Cocktail! The cucumber cooler is refreshing and vibrant and is great as an aperitif because it really gets your palate ready for some generous portions and flavors. If you enjoy a stronger cocktail with a bit of a kick, then try the Yankee cocktail because it’s made with Bulleit Bourbon and citrus infused honey!

With cocktails, I decided to try some appetizers including the Wild Salmon Avocado Ceviche and the Buratta. Both were delicious and very refreshing to start. I enjoy starting with a ceviche because like the cucumber cooler, it gets your palate going but also isn’t too filling before a big steak and some sides. After the appetizers, it was time for a glass of Super Tuscan paired with Grilled Lamb Chops and Dry Aged T Bone Australian Wagyu! Both were absolutely delicious and the lamb chops were perfectly cooked medium with creamy polenta and roasted brussels sprouts. I also decided to sneak in a side dish because at steakhouses I normally can’t resist the Creamed Spinach, and the one here at 212 Steakhouse is amazing and made into a gratin style with melted cheese on top; it’s totally worth every bite!

The service here at 212 Steakhouse is engaging and enjoyable. I found everyone from the hostess to the service staff and everything in between to be quite lovely. This is a great spot for corporate dinners, business meetings, client gatherings, as well as elegant date nights! This is a great spot for anyone who enjoys delicious high-quality meat and ingredients in an intimate and upscale setting. Be sure to check out 212 Steakhouse in Midtown East, on 53rd street. It’s a great spot to enjoy authentic Kobe Beef, Australian Wagyu, and so much more!