The 80’s was an amazing era for music and songs we all know and love today. Even if you weren’t born in this time period, you can’t say that when you hear the opening music for Living On A Prayer or Jessie’s Girl your heart doesn’t instantly start beating and you can’t wait to belt your favorite parts of the songs. Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Canal Room with an 80’s show and tons of great singers, songwriters, and musicians was the ultimate party of the year. The Canal Room was rocked by Constantine Maroulis, Tiffany, Jenna O’Gara, Mark Rinzel, and Chris Hall who are all amazing singers and perfectly sang the songs from the 80’s that we all know and love.

            It was a night of dancing, drinks, and a lot of crowd singing and cheer. There was not a still person in the house that night and I cannot wait to go back for another show. You truly need to see this for yourself, as I can describe it to you all I want, and about how it was one of the best shows I have ever been to, or you can see for yourself and go to the opening show September 21, 2013. There will also be future performances at the Canal Room and is the perfect night out with friends and family. Congrats to the Canal Room for an amazing 10 years and a huge thank you, and cheers to everyone in the show. I also want to thank LSG Public Relations for making this Pink Carpet event happen!

            Now, what kind of Somm In The City post would this be if I didn’t add some “Somm Style” to the article, check out how I paired each celeb at this event with a wine on my People, Places, and Spaces section!