Sherry has always had a mixed reputation when it comes to the consumption of this unique wine. I find with many people, they either love it, or they hate it. I happen to enjoy sherry very much with burgers, tapas, and seafood. Some sherry drinkers prefer to also sip it as an aperitif before dinner. Sherry is a fortified wine from Jerez, Spain and is a unique wine that should be on your “It list” for the warm weather months approaching.

Xeco Sherry is a new sherry in the market that’s vibrant and will change the way you think of this style of wine. The Fino Sherry is made from Palomino Fino grapes, which produce a crisp dry wine that’s very refreshing. Fino I find is very approachable in cocktails as well as with food, and can be enjoyed with shrimp cocktail, sushi, and olives. Even something oily and fried like fish and chips would work beautifully with this wine too!

While visiting NYC to launch the sherry here, I had the pleasure of tasting them at Bar Jamon, which is a lovely little tapas spot in Union Square. Xeco Sherry is the “brain child” of three sherry loving friends who wanted to change the way people saw, thought of, and consumed sherry. In 2016 they set out to create a brand to put their style and flare on an age-old product. I honestly love when winemakers and wineries re-vamp or expand upon a category of wine, it can create so many great things and bring in a new generation of consumers just by updating some tastes and styles. These friends who founded Xeco were smart about their brand however, and made sure to team up with a producer of sherry, one who has been producing it since 1876.

Xeco makes two styles including the Fino and the Amontillado. After trying both styles, I was smitten with this brand. We began with the Fino in a cocktail, topped with cava and a rosemary sprig. This is a refreshing summer sip that can easily be enjoyed outside on a hot day. The Amontillado is on the nuttier side, but is still wildly alluring. It has a beautiful amber color with sun baked fruit, nuts, and vanilla notes. These wines have been aged in oak, which adds some complexity to these dry wines. Overall I love Amontillado, and usually enjoy it as an aperitif or with carrot cake (it’s one of my favorite pairings). 

If you’re seeking a new wine to try outside, make sure to look for Xeco Sherry! I promise you will absolutely love the Fino with some sparkling water (or cava) as a brunch cocktail. If you enjoy sherry, I recommend also chilling them and enjoying them on their own in a wine glass. Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love… please pair responsibly!