Winestyr5Winestyr is a wine club you will want in on. Over three years in the making, Winestyr’s wine clubs have taken the best parts of retail wine clubs and married them with those of a small winery club. This “boutique but not snobby” wine club offers the variety of retail clubs without the worry of receiving private label or mass-produced wines. What does this mean for you? You as a member are given access to high-quality, small-batch wines that can’t be found on store shelves (trust me I know… I work in wine retail).

Winestyr4This wine club also offers generous member discounts, exclusive access to unique wines, free shipping on all non-club orders, and other member perks. Your neighbors will be jealous because this is a fun club to be a member of, so if you head out of town don’t worry, skipping a shipment is a breeze and it’s easy to cancel if you don’t love the experience… but then again, how could you not love wine delivered to your door?

The founders have built something they, as wine lovers and frequent e-commerce shoppers, are proud of and at the end of the day, and would join themselves.

I partnered with Winestyr as I had to be in on this hot new wine club, but because of the quality level of these wines, I have to lay them down a bit to age, so keep an eye out for my Winestyr favorites throughout the year. These wines different, unique and beautiful… and just think, every time a shipment comes a new wine awaits you!

*Note: The wines that are delivered to you as part of this club are certainly drinkable now… however if you would like to age them, the quality of these wines are exceptional to age in your cellar and you will love some of them in 2-5 years!

Please pair responsibly!