I had the exciting opportunity to meet and have lunch with Executive Vice President of Scheid Family Wines, Heidi Scheid to taste and discuss a very fun line of wines. Sunny With A Chance Of Flowers is part of the Scheid Family Wines portfolio and is a line of what I like to call “better for you” wines, in that they have no sugar, they’re lower in calorie, and lower in alcohol.

When I first heard about these wines I assumed they were like all the others, and I was going to be sipping a wine spirtz of some sort, or even worse… terrible wine. This is not the case at all! Sunny with a chance of Flowers is absolutely delicious and is made sustainably from real grapes. This wine is made using sort of a reverse osmosis in that this two step filtration process filters out alcohol which leads to lower sugar and calories! These wines truly are great tasting for this category of wine, and I think they’re easily enjoyable for brunch, lunch, happy hours, and even just in general healthier drinking.

You don’t have to go dry this January but you can make better decisions for yourself, and maybe adding this lower calorie, lower alcohol wine into your routine would be a good thing. I know I was really impressed with the Rosé and the Pinot Noir. They were very enjoyable and I would say they’re lighter in style, so if you’re into lighter to light medium bodied wines, you’ll love these. I also really loved the Cabernet which is new, and it’s nice and fruity and ideal for fall and winter too. These wines are ideal in the summer for a pool day, so go ahead and even chill the reds, you’re in for a treat!

These wines are from Monterey California where sunshine and fog make great grapes, besides the terroir and dedication from the farmers and winemaking team. These wines pair so nicely with food, and at lunch I enjoyed them with a Tuna Crudo as well as a Skirt Steak and the wines really held up to both dishes. The line consists of great options for every palate and they offer Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Rosé, and Cabernet!

If you’re looking to make some healthier decisions this year then take a sip of Sunny With a Chance Of Flowers wine! Please pair responsibly!