Cariñena has been a wine region since the Roman Era. This Northern Spain region makes beautiful and quality wines crafted in stone. What does that mean? Well, the soils look like stone and have a lot of IMG_5259minerality. Some of the vines are a century old and reach so deep into the rock that they extract all that beautiful minerality and bring it into the wines.

Now, there is a debate between many Somm’s about whether minerality and soils can be tasted in the wines and whether or not it actually has an influence, but I believe it does.

            “The environment in which a vine grows effects the taste of the wine”- Laura Maniec, MS

IMG_5251            Corkbuzz Wine Studio held a tasting of the wines of Cariñena. The grape varietals consist of Tempranillo, Garnacha, Cabernet, and some indigenous grapes. Here Garnacha plays a huge role in many of the wines and brings out a lot of bright cranberry, white pepper, and fruit forward fleshiness in the wines.

            We tasted through: 

  1. Grandes Vinos Y Viñedos, Beso de Vino Old Vine Garnacha 2011
  2. Bodegas Paniza, Agostón Tempranillo Cabernet 2013
  3. Bodegas San Valero, Sierra de Viento Old Vine Garnacha 2010
  4. Grandes Vinos Y Viñedos, Corona de Aragón Special Selection 2011
  5. Bodegas Paniza, Alto Cinco Garnacha 2012
  6. Bodegas San Valero, Castillo de Monséran Old Vine Garnacha 2009

These wines are all red, big, bold, and beautifully balanced. Notes of cherry, minerality, and spice come through in all the wines. Now available in the USA, you to can enjoy the beautiful wines of Cariñena. These wines pair beautifully with Tapas which at Corkbuzz consisted of Blue Cheeses, Prosciutto, Salami, Olives, Roasted Salted Nuts, and International Cheese Selections. Be sure to check out these wines for yourself and hashtag #CraftedInStone when you do to join this wine loving campaign!