photo(3)             I decided I am cherishing this week being half over and kicking off this Wine Wednesday with a 2009 Summus Toscana! This bottle has been staring at me on my wine rack for weeks now and I could not wait any longer to open it. I first tried it in Aruba at the Sunset Grille (read a few posts back and you will find the article). I was fortunate enough to first try this wine after the Banfi tasting in Aruba with some great people I met while attending the dinner. We just had so much to chat about that evening so we all stayed for another bottle… or two ;).

This Wine Wednesday I decided to taste the wine before even planning my meal. It was a stressful beginning to the week, so the wine was needed much more than the food! I am not sure if it was starting the bottle before making dinner that inspired me, or if it was drinking while on Pinterest that inspired the meal, but whatever it was… it was a delicious choice!

For dinner, I paired with my lovely Summus with Steak, and a Goat Cheese, Garlic, and Prosciutto stuffed Vidalia Onion over a bed of Baby Arugula. I saw a recipe for a Blue Cheese stuffed bacon onion on Pinterest, but since I love to improvise it worked out to my benefit. The steak is simple; I marinated it in worcestershire sauce, garlic, salt, and pepper… threw it on the grill, and Voila!

The 2009 Summus, produced in the Southern part of Montalcino, was enticing with floral notes, black cherry, and vanilla. This Super Tuscan made of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah is well structured, deep ruby red, and has a bouquet of cherries, licorice, and plums. The tannins in this wine are very pronounced and can certainly do well with some age… but like I said, it was calling my name from the wine rack and to be honest I have very little patients.

Be sure to check out more notes on the Banfi website and be sure to check out their portfolio for more of their great wines! Have a great Wine Wednesday Wine Lovers!