Bolla, the name in itself says it all. When I see the label, I see a classic wine with character, care, and so much history behind it. This Soave produced from older vines, in the hillside of the Classico Zone of Veneto, exemplifies the fruit forward beauty that consumers know and love about this wine.


Made from 100% Garganega grapes, one of Italy’s most widely planted grape varietals; this wine is intense with aromas of pear and floral notes. On the palate you will notice some citrus and honey with a hint of minerality integrating itself nicely toward a refreshing finish. This wine can go with food as simple as pizza and seafood, but is also great on its own because of its fullness and complexity.

The pairing I decided on was a fun recipe my Dad was reading about from Mario Batali in Food & Wine Magazine. I paired this wine with linguini (you will notice in the article they use Fettuccini) but I like linguini, especially Dream Fields Pasta which has an unnoticeable healthy taste and only five net carbs per serving. The richness in the wine really took the sausage from HOT to nicely hot, calming down some of the spice. The great thing about refreshing white wines is that they can tone down a hot dish and make it so enjoyable. The cabbage ribbons added a great touch to the pasta, which when I was reading the article made me a little skeptical, but after trying it… it was perfect!


Have fun with your Wine Wednesday, for the week is now half over! For more information on this great wine you can check out