Many wine experts will say wine and chocolate don’t make a good pairing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy them together, right? I believe you should eat what you like and drink what you love, while pairing responsibly so I would happen to say wine and chocolate make a fun combination.

I enjoy chocolate often, as well as wine, so having them together is always a delicious after work treat. Valentines Day I feel like is the perfect day of the year to enjoy all your favorite chocolate candies and if you want to pair them with wine… why not? I received an amazing box from 7 Deadly Zins winery complete with their collection and accompanied by Ghirardelli Chocolate bar pairings!

These wines are from Lodi, California which is one of my favorite areas of California for winemaking. I had the pleasure of visiting Lodi a few years back, and the experience and wines were amazing. It’s such a wonderful area for winemaking and these wines certainly have that Lodi flare!

7 Deadly Zins 2018 Red Blend– This wine is bold and full of cranberry, red fruits and some smoke! It’s an intense but balanced wine that’s really attractive on the nose and palate. I think blends are always so much fun to try, and I especially love the ones coming out of Lodi, California! This blend is Zinfandel, Petit Sirah, Cabernet, and Merlot, and sees some time in oak. It’s a beautiful wine that I really enjoyed with the Sea Salt Soiree bar by Ghirardelli Chocolates!

2018 Deadly Cabernet Sauvignon- A nice big cabernet is just what cupid ordered for Valentines Day! Ok, maybe not, because all these wine choices are great, but for the Cabernet lover in your life, this one will hit the spot! It’s full bodied and full of vanilla notes, mocha, and dark berries. It has a nice long finish and I really enjoyed it with the 72% Cacao Twilight Delight bar by Ghirardelli Chocolates!

2017 Deadly Old Vine Zinfandel- Full bodied and alluring, this old vine zin is full of dark berries, leather, and spice. Some oak is present on the nose, and beautifully integrated into this wine. This wine is mainly zinfandel with just a small amount of petit Syrah, which adds some nice balance and extra complexity in the most subtle of ways. This wine is also certified sustainable and is ideal with the Ghirardelli Raspberry Radiance chocolate bar!

If you’re looking for the perfect last minute gift for your loved one for Valentines Day, or simply just want some fun wine and chocolate pairing ideas to enjoy with your friends, I absolutely recommend the 7 Deadly Zins wine collection with some of these chocolate bars.