Today’s the day! Halloween is upon us and for those wishing to “spook” things up a bit with some scary movies and a wine to pair, keep reading. This wicked wine is created as a limited edition by the “Godfather of Zin” and founding Ravenswood Winemaker, Joel Peterson.

We lucked out this year with Halloween falling on a Saturday, which means it’s really the time to celebrate! BESIEGED is the best wine to bring to the party or stay home and curl up with while watching scary movies. The dark and ominous artwork will put you right in the halloween spirit with it’s chilling label, which is a nod to Ravenswood’s first harvest, when a circling flock of ravens taunted Joel from overhead. In this bottle lies rich and warm contents and a unique blend of grapes such as: Petite Sirah, Carignane and Zinfandel. On the nose this wine has striking notes of blackberry, black cherry, and plum spiced with cardamom. On the palate it is big, bold and subtly sexy; in a spooky way of course! Pair this with some steak thats still “moo-ing” (rare to medium rare), or some Forbidden Black Rice topped with Pan Seared Chicken and Balsamic Reduction!

This wine is perfect for your Monster Mash tonight or paired with horror film classics such as Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street! Please pair responsibly…