I had the pleasure of taking another very fun cooking class virtually with Chef Nini Nguyen a Top Chef Alum and Silk & Spice Wine! This is an easy to drink, smooth, and dry red wine from Portugal, that you can pair with so many different types of dishes. I have always been a fan of this wine, after tasting it last year, and have had the opportunity to take more than one class with Chef Nini.

In the fall, we paired Silk and Spice with Pumpkin Spice Pasteis de Nata, and it was wonderful. The sweet baking spice flavors and creamy dessert paired nicely with the bold red wine, and fruit forward flavors. Luckily they were hosting another class this month, where we got to make Vietnamese Ginger-Braised Chicken. I have honestly never made Vietnamese cuisine before, so this was a fun and interesting class. I am always looking for ways to enhance my chicken dishes, and this one was amazing!

The chicken is braised in ginger, sugar, and oil with onions and fish sauce. Overall the recipe was a simple 1 pot recipe, so that made me very happy. Since the Pandemic, I have never done more dishes in my life, and I am always happy when a meal with such flavor and fun, can also produce a small amount of dishes. The wine pairs beautifully with the chicken, and really brings out nice caramelization notes in the dish, as well as those beautiful spice flavors in the wine. The red fruit flavors really play well with the braised dark chicken, while the caramelized onions perfectly enhance the pairing. Overall, this was a success!

Silk & Spice can be found at many retailers, and is around $12.99/bottle +. It’s an ideal weeknight wine, if you’re looking for something palate pleasing for everyone, as well as great with all kinds of foods. This wine can also be enjoyed on it’s own, should you need a glass or two before dinner starts!

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly!