I recently started working with DS Champagne as a part time Brand Ambassador on the consumer tastings side! DS Champagne I fell in love with while co-hosting an event with Arnaud Branchet the importer and producer. It was a huge hit at our 160 Madison event, and I knew we had to do more.
DS aka Dunoyer de Segonzac is a 100% Blanc de Blancs Champagne vintage 2015. Less than 3% in the world are made like this, and it’s truly something so incredibly special. This is a very elegant champagne, with fine bubbles and a fresh finish. Lots of fruit, beautiful citrus, flowers, and minerality are present. It’s such a food friendly Champagne and recently I joined Arnaud at a wonderful dinner at Kissaki Sushi and Omakase.
It was a ton of courses, but so incredibly amazing to see how DS paired so effortlessly with each piece of Omakase. The Omakase descriptions below had to be included because they were just wow, so incredibly amazing. The chefs here really make Omakase so exciting and it’s amazing to see them live in action; this happens to be one of my favorite styles of sushi experiences.
Scallop from Hokkaido brushed with plum soy and, topped with lime zest and take sumi shio salt.
Chutoro (Medium fatty part of the Tuna)
Brushed with plum soy and, topped with caviar and chives.
Sea Urchine
Uni from Maine brushed with soy sauce.
Akami (Lean part of the Tuna)
Brushed with soy sauce and topped with shiitake mushrooms with butter and chives.
Japanese Mackrel Cured with japanese salt and marinated in vinegar. It’s been brushed with soy sauce and, topped with japanese herb mix, fresh garlic and sesame seeds, raped nori.
Golden eye red snapper brushed with ponzu sauce and topped with honey crisp apple and take sumi shio sal.
Japanese Sea Bream brushed with plum soy and topped with umeboshi pickled japanese plum, red dried shiso and fresh shiso leave.
Japanese Barracuda slightly sear on the skin topped with a pinch of awaji moshio salt and few drops of fresh lime juice.
Shima aji
Japanese Stripe Jack brushed with plum soy and topped with black garlic, fresh ginger and chives.
Japanese Roughscale Sole brushed with soy sauce and topped with the fin of the fish slightly torched, some spicy daikon, chives, sesame seeds and a touch of ponzu sauce.
Otoro (Fatty part of the tuna)
Brushed with soy sauce, topped with chives, sesame seeds and uni.
        You can get DS at exclusive restaurants here in NYC as well as on my shop page, which will link you to the DS website. It’s really such a stunning Champagne and keep an eye out on my IG for some fun pairing ideas this spring and summer! You can also see this entire pairing from start to finish on my IG Reel, so be sure to take a look at how each one was prepared.
Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly.