The restaurant I am General Manager of was rented out the other night by an upscale wine shop called Amanti Vino on Church Street, Montclair, NJ. Marina Vallana, who is now known as Marina Olwen Fogarty, along with Amanti Vino hosted a wine pairing dinner with Vallana Wines. The tasting was fantastic as Chef Zod, Owner of Blu, Next Door, and Daryl made a tasting menu to go along with all the wines being featured.
The two wines in the picture were two of my favorites that I tried.
The Campi Raudii is from Piemonte and is made from Nebbiolo Grapes. What was so special about this wine was the passion Marina had for this wine along with all of her wines, and how she described it. She said “this wine has structure and personality and it is how Nebbiolo expresses it’s self when young.” It is aged 6 Months in Oak which gives it complexity. The passion in her eyes as she was describing this wine was absolutely incredible!
The 2004 Boca was also another favorite of mine! It is a single vintage also of 70% Nebbiolo Grapes. Marina explained, “This wine expresses the finesse of Alto Piemonte and the charming character of Nebbiolo while the other grape varieties blended allow the Nebbiolo to express its self. This tasting was fantastic and so was the food being paired, I will post a copy of the menu very soon! Try their wines, or attend a class, this store has a fantastic selection and the staff is wonderful!