Valentines Day is approaching and its time to grab some really great wines!

I love valentines day, with or without a valentine because its a day full of love, and if you don’t have a valentine it’s ok…you should love yourself first anyway!

I chose mainly Sparkling wines, Rosé, and Red wines for my top picks, because as much as I enjoy white wines (and some of the sparkling’s are white), I just happen to love red and pink colors for Valentines Day, and it keeps the festive feeling of this holiday.

Sara’s top wine picks for Valentines Day!

Sparkling & Champagne: 

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24 Karat Brut Sparkling Wine: This bubbly I enjoyed for New Years Eve, however I saved the Brut for Valentines Day! This sparkling wine from California has some noticeable residual sugar, bright yellow apple, lychee, and floral notes, and on the palate is very well balanced. The acidity is present but not too clawing, and the gold flakes make this perfect if your celebrating a special day such as this, an anniversary, or just yourself!



2012_main_sparklingbottle“Good in Bed” Sparkling: Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards makes some great wines with sassy titles. This Good in Bed Bubbly is great to break out this Valentines Day, especially if you’re staying in for a night of romance, love, and intimacy. The name alone is a fun surprise, but the wine itself is bright with brioche notes, lemon, and made in the Champagne Method, which makes this Good in Bed bubbly great for some “good in bed” fun!


Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Réserve: Aged for three years in the cellar, which is much longer than the minimum of 15 months. This Champagne is stylish, bright, and fresh with notes of fresh pear, apple, and some turmeric. The palate is elegant and complex; perfect to pair with the one you love, some cheeses, and or chocolate! 


3290Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte D’Luscious Rosé: This Champagne is also aged three years in the cellar, and has striking notes of fresh strawberry, raspberry, and citrus. This wine is sexy and slightly sweet making it a perfect pairing with some fried, spicy, or asian cuisine. For a night of pure seduction, pair this with some Asian take out, your lover, and come cozy blankets!


bacivivaci-bott-home-773Baci Vivaci: Translating to “Lively Kisses,is a light sparkling wine from Sicily made by the island’s leading sustainable wine brand, Stemmari. Baci Vivaci is bright and playful with soft bubbles that bring out notes of white blossom, peach, and fresh aromas. For an evening of romance, this one is great to sip with fine cheeses, dessert, or on its own!

*Seeking some more intimacy? Try any of these sparkling’s in the bath tub and toast to a very warm and wonderful evening! 




01c2tc84sjm3c_150x200Shameless Hussy: Another Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards rosé that is a blend of Sangiovese, Barbera, Cabernet Franc, and Syrah. These grapes make this wine complex, bright, and so very beautiful. This happens to be one of my top picks for rosé and will be yours once you try it. This wine makes a great gift and pairs beautifully with some Tapas. Spice up the night with the Shameless Hussy Rosé! 

MyEssential Rosé: From the South of France, this blend of grapes consists mainly of Grenache, Cinsault, and Syrah. This wine is dry and refreshing with notes of rose, violets, and fresh red berries. My Essential Rosé can be enjoyed with aperitifs such as oysters or strawberries to start the evening off right and romantic. This wine is bright and beautiful just like the one you love!

download (20)Specialty Sparkling and Rosé/Rosa Regale: This sweet and sparkling wine fits in with the sparkling and rosé sections, so it gets its own specialty section. This wine is just too special to conform into any one category, because for those who want a sweet, seductive, but easy to drink and lower alcohol wine, this Brachetto is for you! Brachetto is perfect for those who enjoy some sweetness, bubbles, and don’t prefer high alcohol wines. With only 5% this one is great to “Toast to your love” before an evening of romance and passion. A gorgeous fushia color with aromas of bright and fresh strawberry, blackberry, and raspberry. This wine is playful, romantic, and one you will always remember!

*For some food fun, pair these wines with some seductive whip cream and strawberries, feed each other, and well… the rest is up to you! 

download (19)Reds: These bold reds are luscious, seductive, and oh so incredibly sexy for Valentines Day!

Josh Cellars Legacy Red Blend: This blend is outstanding. It’s big, sexy, and full of chocolate and baking spice. This wine is dry, bold, and luscious. Pairings: Meats, cheeses, and lots of chocolate! This wine is great to celebrate with your special sweetie, as it is a wine you will surely remember!

Bolla Creso 2010: I happen to love Bolla wines from Italy. Whether its the Soave paired with Pork Belly or the Creso, a big sexy red… Bolla makes stunning wines. This Creso pairs beautifully with Blue Cheese, Parmesan, and even some Chocolate Dipped Strawberries.

10202550tMiguel Torres Mas La Plana 2009: This big sultry red should be enjoyed by a nice fire paired with a warm blanket and the one you love. This wine is high in alcohol but extremely well balanced, dry, and full of luscious berry notes, some spice, and chocolate. Pair this with a Filet Mignon, some Mushroom Risotto, or Tandoori Chicken; for those who dare to pair a little differently.

2012 Girard Artistry: The nose on this bold blend showcases vanilla bean, perfumed herbs and blackberries. On the palate the black fruit comes forward, while mocha is accented by spice and toasted oak sweetness.  Featuring well developed tannins, this wine can be enjoyed with your favorite cut of meat for Valentine’s Day dinner.