The holiday of love is a few weeks away and you’re trying to figure out what to do right? The questions like what to buy, what to wear, what to eat, and what to drink race around in your head all month long I’m sure. This year stray away from tradition, stay home, and toast to yourselves!

All year long you worry about kids, school, tests, working out, stress, jobs, and everyday life annoyances, right? Usually we only get to toast a few times a year during a celebrations, birthday’s, or on New Years.

This year why not make the toast all about yourselves with your friends, family, or your significant other. With the hustle and bustle we go through everyday, no one really spends any time appreciating all that we do for each other in some of the most important relationships in our life.

Toast to the girls who get you through it all, or the boys who always have your back! Toast to your Mom or Dad who is always there to lend a shoulder to cry on, or to give you some words of wisdom (even if at that time you didn’t appreciate it). How about toast to the man or woman who even though you may fight, you could never live with out. And lastly, toast to yourself of course, for getting through all the craziness in your life and somehow managing to always stay classy, sassy, and absolutely fabulous!

Here are this Somm’s six top toasting wines for your Valentines Day! This year… Toast to each other, and make it sparkle!


ImageAnna De Codorniu: The Brut Rose is ideal for a toast or an aperitif before your toast; aw heck, just drink two bottles because this is your special toast to yourself day and you deserve it! This wine is delicate with bright cherry and strawberry with some underlying green apple notes. This bubbly is sure to please with some baked Brie or Goat Cheese, Grapes, and Honey on Puff Pastry!


download (2)Papi Moscato: One of my favorite sparkling Moscato’s out there! This Somm only drinks this as an Apperitif as it is sweet, sparkling, and oh so sexy to sip with your significant other! Full of citrus, candied apples and apricots, this wine is delicate with a nice candied finish.




download (3)Naked Winery Cougar Semi-Sparkling: This wine is fun, bubbly, and beautiful. With bright aromas of flowers and under ripe pear, this wine is perfect to start your night of seduction.



IMG_3299Pas de Deux Moscato: This wine is clean, fruit driven, and at 12.5% alcohol needs some delicious light bites to tag along. Of course pop it open while the bites are cooking, as it makes a very nice toasting wine that also happens to be very food friendly. I’d serve this with some Crab & Avocado Dip on Crostini!


mumm-cuv-e-m-napa-valleyMumm Napa Cuvée M: Mumm Napa, the name in itself should instantly ring a bell and make you think of gorgeous Sparkling Wine from California. Mumm Napa Cuvée M has nice hints of brioche, yeast, and citrus. This wine is gorgeous and would be perfect to toast the evening or with your meal.


piper heidsieck(1)




Piper Heidsieck: These wines are big, bold, and beautiful. You can’t really go wrong with a wine like this as it is very palate pleasing and strikes you with citrus, star fruit, and a fresh finish. Pair this with some gooey Grilled Cheese or Baked Brie!