image(10) This Monday, May 20th, Ultimat Vodka will be teaming up with Action Against Hunger in launching a campaign at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic event. Tickets will be available for this hunger event as it is open to the public and is a great way to show your support for such a wonderful cause.

Ultimat and Action Against Hunger will be hosting a Lemon-Aid Stand as an anti-hunger fundraising campaign. Public is welcome to come join the event with a $25.00 ticket/donation and will get to be a part of something great. Guests 21 and over will get to experience an amazing event at the Marquee in NYC where renowned bartenders will show you their spin on fun spring and summer cocktails and guests can vote for their favorite one.


This event is from 7-10PM and is how I will be spending my Monday night! This evening is one you will not want to miss and $25.00 is usually what we end up spend going to a bar, so why not help a great cause and try some newly created cocktails.

If you can’t make the event but still want to donate $5.00 you can also text in your donation and help a child in need for 5 days!

Action Against Hunger distributes nutritious bars to malnourished children that have a long shelf life and help aid in their recovery. At 33 cents per bar, your five dollars could truly help a child for five full days at three meals a day. To donate this way Text LEMONAID (50555) to donate $5 to Action Against Hunger.
If you are able to attend the event I would love to see you at the Ultimat table and you can tweet me at @Sominthecity or visit my page on Facebook: Somm In The City and let me know you are coming!

For more information on the event you can visit:

To find out more about Action Against Hunger, you can visit:


Ultimat Lemon-Aid