Canned wine and cocktails are such a trend right now, and I too am hopping on it! I find it nice and simple to be able to sit outside with a canned cocktail and enjoy some sun. Canned cocktails are also perfect for traveling, beach days, as well as walking around the city, enjoying a picnic in the park, and everything in between.

I have been working hard this summer, trying numerous canned concoctions and here are my top picks to sip for the rest of the season!

Coco Cocktails- These canned cocktails are actually nutritious spiked sparkling coconut waters! They’re not too sweet and don’t taste like traditional coconut water. I really enjoyed these, especially the Lemon Key Lime flavor which is only 95 calories per can with 6% alcohol and 6g of sugar. 

Sprizzeri Wine Spritzers- These fun wine spritzers in a can make the canned cocktail list because of their unique flavors! The Lime and Elderflower is slightly sweet and is packed with flavor! At 5% alcohol, these canned cuties will win your heart, especially with other flavors like Rosé and Classico Orange with Bitters.

Vrai Canned Cocktails– These canned cocktails are a necessity to any summer soiree! The Tangerine one is playful and a palate pleaser, while the Green Tea is fruity and subtle. Overall both of these flavors are winners, and I can’t wait to see what flavors they come out with next (hopefully something like watermelon or jalapeno). These cocktails have less sugar than most canned vodka cocktails on the market, and are perfect to take to the poolside!

(PRNewsfoto/Truly Spiked & Sparkling)

Truly Sparkling Rosé- Truly makes spiked seltzers in a variety of flavors that are out of this world, delicious. The newest addition to the Truly family is their rosé which is perfectly on trend with summer! This canned cocktail is delicately sweet, somewhat tart, and quite refreshing with a hint of California Chardonnay grapes. It’s absolutely my new favorite way to rosé!

For those of you looking to take your cocktails to the park or poolside, these are my top picks! As summer winds down and Labor Day approaches, these make the best booze options for your bbq, beach day, or road trip (once you’re parked and not driving).