This year I have tried a lot of new fun kitchen tools, wine accessories, food subscriptions, snacks, and so much more. I decided to pull together a roundup to prep you for what’s about to be a very busy fall and holiday season! Here are my top picks for 2018 to help you live easier, eat better, drink smarter, and cook well.

For The Kitchen

Diamotech Non-Stick Pan- This pan is beyond amazing! It’s completely non-stick and is dishwasher safe. Anytime I put anything into this pan, including cheese, it simply does not stick. I am amazed at the size, which is perfect for chicken breasts, steaks, stir fry, and sauteeing. It’s easy to store, lightweight and doesn’t smoke. DiamoTech’s 4 layer design enforces aluminum for uniform heat distribution, enabling home chefs to cook without oil, butter or grease. $19.99

Drink Mate Portable Soda Maker: Quickly carbonate anything with this easy to use bubbly maker! It turns your cold teas, beverages, wine, and more into a delicious sparkling beverage. I am obsessed with seltzer, so when I discovered Drink Mate, and I could make my own flavors, I was hooked. Some of my favorite flavors to make are Sparkling Green Tea, Sparkling Cider (using apple cider), Jalapeno Seltzer, Cucumber Lime Seltzer, and even Ginger Vanilla Seltzer for fun cocktails and fall sipping. It’s affordable and portable… what could be better!? $79.99

Gotham Smokeless Grill: This smokeless grill is one of my new favorite kitchen tools. In my NYC kitchen where it’s hard to grill most days, it’s nice to know I don’t have to worry about smoking up my kitchen because my grill pan has some oil sitting in it while I am trying to grill multiple things at once. The smokeless grill allows me to cook multiple items at a time, saving me room and time. I can have a complete dinner for two done in 15 minutes or less, thanks to this awesome grill. It also comes with a griddle side too, it’s non-stick and lightweight.

Delicious Delights

Bumbleberry Farms Maple Creams: “From Honeybees to Humble Beginnings”. This business decided to take what the bees gave them and produce something simply sweet and delicious. My two favorites are the Squirrel Crazy Maple and the Molten Lava Spiced Chocolate. The crazy maple is great on peanut butter toast as well as on pancakes, while the lava spiced is perfect for popcorn and pretzel dipping.

Sweet Whispers: These fruit-filled meringues are delightful. They have that nice crunch of the meringue with a sweet fruit filling that’s out of this world delicious. I enjoy these in the evening with a cup of tea or a nice glass of sparkling wine. This sweet company is female owned and founded since 2016 when Maria Umana decided to do dessert a little differently. $11.99/box

For The Bar

Be Mixed: These zero-calorie cocktail mixers are the perfect addition to your home bar. With flavors like Margarita, Cucumber Mint, and Ginger Lime, it’s no surprise as to why they have become one of my favorite new cocktail accompaniments. Try these and spice up your bottle of prosecco for a fun bubbly brunch, or take your margarita to another level with a zero calorie mixer.  $33/pack of 3 bottles or 12 small bottles. 

Belvoir Fruit Farms Sparkling Beverages: These sparkling beverages are wonderful when mixed into a cocktail or for sipping on their own. They never compromise on quality and everything in the drinks are natural, which is so important today when crafting delicious drinks. I love the story behind the company as well as the flavors which include the Elderflower Lemonade, Rose Elderflower, Cucumber Mint, and Ginger Beer $7.99/bottle (Wholefoods, NYC). 


For those of you seeking some top food and beverage products for your in-home entertaining this year, try any or all of these! They make great gifts as well as keeping you hassle-free while entertaining a small or large crowd.