I recently took a class at a “cocktail school” called The Liquor Lab. This SOHO spot is a great place for corporate or group outings, date nights, and friends night out. You can find classes ranging from $45.00-$75.00 per person, which for the experience, cocktails, and amount of fun you’ll have, it’s really a great price!

I decided to take a cocktail class on my birthday because it was something fun to do, and I was going to go to a bar before dinner anyway. This is more fun than a crowded bar, and you get your own cocktail station, mixology setup, and some light bites. You don’t have to know anything about mixology or bartending to go and this class is perfect for beginners. I chose a class where we learned how to make a Spicy Margarita, Spiced Rum Mojito, Pineapple Basil Smash, and an Aged Rum Old Fashioned.  The spicy margarita was absolutely delicious and fun to make. Margaritas made with jalapeños happen to be one of my favorite cocktails, so I was very happy right from the start. The instructors are lively and engaging which makes the time fly by. After making each cocktail, they let you sit, sip, and savor the drink while chatting, or taking the perfect Instagram photo in the photo cube. It’s nice and I thought that was an excellent touch that they didn’t rush you through the cocktails. It’s just enough time to chat, grab a bite, and snap some great photos before moving onto another cocktail.

Cocktail #2 was a Spiced Rum Mojito which was very good if you’re a spiced rum drinker.  I however really loved the last two cocktails which were the Pineapple Basil Smash using Four Roses Bourbon and the Aged Rum Old Fashioned. I am a fan of Plantation Rum, which we used in the old-fashioned. It was absolutely delicious and was my first rum old fashioned I have ever made, which was a fun experience.

For those seeking an interactive and flirtatious date night experience, the liquor lab is perfect for just that. Whether it’s the first date, a double date, or a long overdue date night, you will find taking a cocktail class is a great way to connect. I also recommend this for private events, where you can bring your work colleagues, friends, or clubs for a teamwork oriented yet fun and engaging evening out!

HERE is the class lineup with upcoming dates and class descriptions.