Inspired by an event dating back to the prehistoric era, The Bone Line are wines you will want to try! Named after a boundary line that is evidence of the extinction of dinosaurs, and labeled with fossils found in the Waipara river. These wines are really great! I must say, when they were sent to me I was excited to try them, because I love New Zealand, but when I tasted them… wow!

“The labels thus bear a tangible connection with the land on which the fruit is grown, old vines and the family partnership of Tutton Sienko & Hill’s growing experience.” –

The Boneline is situated deep in the Waipara Valley, in NZ. This area is tucked in the Teviotdale hills that provide protection from cool east winds and open up to warm north west winds. The Southern Alps ensure low rainfall and plenty of sunshine, which is great for the grapes!

I had the pleasure of tasting the Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Iridium. The 2018 Barebone Chardonnay was delightful with peach and melon notes, and some minerality. It’s refreshing and dry, with just the right amount of fruit forward flavors. Nice driving acidity, with kiwi fruit and green notes, following through to the palate, and a delicious finish. For $50 this wine is a must try, and ideal to bring to a Spring brunch or gathering.

One of my favorites was the 2017 Wai-Iti Pinot Noir full of bright cherry, earthy notes, mushrooms, and a nice crunch in the finish. It’s a pale garnet wine with nice acidity and savory notes. This wine I sipped on its own however I would do this with food too, and something like flank steak, or carnitas, or even grilled fish. It’s a really wonderful wine with light fruitless and great tension. For $45 it’s really a steal!

The 2016 Iridium was another lovely wine by The Bone Line. It’s deep purple with black cardamom and some chocolate notes. On the palate it’s seductive and luscious. It’s a dark wine made from Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon; a fabulous blend! This wine is all about evolution and over time as the soils develop and change, so does the blend of this wine, which is now Cab Franc dominant. Luckily for me Cab Franc is one of my favorite grape varietals, so I was very happy about that. This full bodied wine sells for $55 and I think that’s a great deal for this wine. It’s one that makes a great gift as well is great to have around the house for when you have a dinner party. Cabernet drinkers will love it!

If you’re looking for new New Zealand wines to taste, I absolutely recommend The Bone Line wines. They’re stellar, and they also make a Cabernet Franc and a Rosé and so much more. You’ll be wildly impressed by these wines like I was.

Always remember to eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly!