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How many times do you find yourself asking, “What kinds of pizza specials near me tonight are good?” Everyone loves pizza, especially when it is served with your favorite beverage. Many people cannot have a slice without a soda to go with it. If you are over the age of 21, then you may enjoy having some alcohol to go with your dinner. From delivery cheeseburger pizza to classic pepperoni, this guide will tell you what you should drink with your favorite pies.

Pepperoni Pizza and Sparkling Red Wine

Pepperoni pizza is the solid stand-by many people rely on during the weekend. It is a fun dinner option that contains a lot of spicy flavors, so you will want something that is equally fun that can match that profile. To drink, you will want a sparkling shiraz or something similar that will stand up to that intense flavor. The bubbles offer a nice touch that helps cut through the cheese’s richness.

Meat Lover’s Pizza and a Cool-Climate Wine

If you are a proud carnivore, then you obviously love strong, bold flavors. You should opt for a cool-climate wine, such as a syrah, that contains plenty of peppery and herbal aromas. The herbal nature of the wine helps balance out all of those smoky meats. Whether you have a pinot noir, lagrein or merlot in your pantry, you are ready to Google “Steak and cheese pizza near me.”

Cheeseburger Pizza and Wheat Beer

Many German beers fall into the wheat category, and they go perfectly with cheeseburger pizza. This is one pie that goes big on flavor, so you do not want to overpower your palate. With a wheat beer, you will get some citrusy notes that will provide a spicy kick for your cheeseburger-like dish. It is bound to remind you of having a cheeseburger south of the border.

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Four Cheese Pizza and Pilsner

Sometimes, the basics are truly best. You cannot go wrong with plain, four-cheese pizza, and you will need a beer that helps prepare your palate for the meal you are about to enjoy. You want something light, such as a German pilsner. Pilsners tend to have more herbal characteristics, which helps add some flavor to your basic pizza. They also come with bready characteristics that help complement the crust.

Barbecue Chicken Pizza and Stout 

When BBQ chicken pizza is on the menu, you will want a drink that will not make you feel overly full. You have a lot of pizza to eat, so you do not have a filling drink. An Irish stout, such as a Guinness, complements the chicken perfectly. Additionally, the sauce’s sweetness balances out nicely with a stout. It is a refreshingly easy beer to drink that will make the whole pizza go down smooth.

As you can see, you have plenty of options when it comes to dinner this Friday night. Order any pizza you want from a well-known pizza chain near you. You will have to buy the alcohol separately, but for a meal, you will not soon forget, it is well worth it.

*Guestpost by Papa John’s Pizza