photo (2)Spring allergies got your head in a fog? How about a sore throat, watery eyes, and stuffy nose? Well luckily there are some great teas that may help with this seasonal nuisance. Many people suffer from seasonal allergies, and although some medicines work, they are not necessarily healthy for your liver and do not give you that extra boost you need in order to fight the sick feeling.

Some great tea’s that are good for aiding in the seasonal allergy problems involve blends of tea leaves specifically chosen to help certain symptoms. I usually make a pot of an allergy fighting blend before work whenever I feel a scratchy throat and my brain seems to be in another world. The great thing is a lot of companies are making tea to-go thermoses so you can steep your tea any time anywhere. You now never have to sacrifice your health while working or on the go. What’s in the tea blend of my choice?

I went to this great local tea shop right in the East Village and they made me a blend of dried blueberries, cranberries, green tea leaves, dried citrus, sage, chamomile, and vanilla!

Sounds like a lot right!? It is, but the aromas coming from this mixture are heavenly and as I was walking home I  literally couldn’t keep my nose out of the container. The blueberries and cranberries give the tea that gorgeous berry flavor and aid in the immunity function of the tea and also provide the anti- oxidants needed to stay healthy. The green tea acts as an anti viral, and mixed with the chamomile… double the success (because chamomile is an anti-viral as well)! The soothing vanilla mixed with the uplifting aromas and flavors of the citrus and sage really add a lot of personality to this tea, and since Sage is also great for aiding in concentration, you will reap the benefits of this healthy, energizing, immune boosting, delicious tea!

You can find great little herbal shops with tons of tea leaves and homeopathic remedies all around NYC! The shop I like to visit is in the east village and is an Oriental store on 14th street and Avenue A.

Enjoy your Tuesday Tea!