3 flavors with namesChaiElixir, a sparkling chai tea beverage is a must have this spring. The warmer weather will be here soon and its time to start preparing for some warm weather sipping fun!

These flavors are a combination of quality tea, spices, and natural flavors, making for fun, beneficial, and effervescent cocktails. Flavors are: Vivid, Essence, and Fusion; sparkling White, Green, and Oolong teas.


“Improving Ourselves and Our Communities. We are committed to personal wellness and growth, and to an environmentally sustainable operation. We strive to support our local communities through involvement and investment.”-ChaiElixir.com.


         Want to make some for yourself? Here is where you can find a location near you to grab some of these great sparkling Chai teas!


Thanks to Jason Walsh a celebrated New York City mixologist, you now have some delicious recipes to try out this season. 

Vivid D’Amour – by Jason Walsh

ChaiElixir Vivid, a light and crisp blend of green tea and citrus, inspired this lightly carbonated cocktail. Bold flavors of brandy and crème de cacao pair with tantalizing citrus for a sultry, prominent finish. Sip this feisty, full-bodied cocktail in a short glass on the rocks with orange garnish.

1/4 muddled orange Chai NY

1.5oz. House Brandy

¼oz. Crème de cacao

½oz. Ginger syrup

¾oz. Fresh lime juice

2oz. ChaiElixir Vivid

Prep: In mixing glass, muddle quartered orange slice. Add all ingredients, add ½ cup ice then shake moderately. Lastly strain over new ice and then top off with ChaiElixir Vivid.


Enchanted Elixir – by Jason Walsh

For a comforting sip, ChaiElixir Fusion offers a lovely and aromatic cocktail. The exquisitely smooth oolong tea of Fusion combines with warm vanilla undertones for a smooth, romantic, and elegant elixir. 

1oz. Prosecco Essence Splash

1oz. ChaiElixir Fusion

8 Drops of orange blossom water

½oz. Brugal aged rum

½oz. Fresh lemon juice

¾oz. Cherry Heering

Prep: In a flute style champagne glass, add all ingredients. Top off with 1oz of ChaiElixir Fusion and 1oz Prosecco sparkling wine. Garnish with a cherry.



Keep an eye out on here for some of my Spring inspired cocktails using ChaiElixir!