IMG_0206Grabbing the chance to sail in NYC is a unique way to escape the city and yet still see all of its beauty. Classic Harbor Line takes sailing to the next level with their Sushi and Sake Sails, Champagne Sails, Brunches on the boats, and Romantic Sails.

Iron Chef Morimoto, the famous chef we know and love from TV and his numerous restaurants around the world, set up a sushi and sake sail with Classic Harbor Line. The stunning views, chilled sake, and super fresh sushi was the perfect setting for a sunset sail on the hudson. 

IMG_0216There is plenty of room for everyone on these sails, and seating is surprisingly comfortable. The Schooner Adirondak is great sail and the Chef Morimoto Sushi and Sake Sail is roughly around $124/ticket. This is a two hour sail with courses of sushi and sashimi paired with a different sake. Not only will the wind whip through your hair, but you will be able to enjoy fresh fish right on the water, with a perfect view of the NYC skyline, Hoboken, and the Statue of Liberty!



Classic Harbor Line also offers

-Daily Sails packed with pale ale’s: $48-54.00

-Brunch Sails with mimosa’s on the east side: $88.00

– City Lights Sails, Full Moon Romantic Sails, and more: $44-54.00

Coming soon is Manhattan Yacht II and a new Brooklyn location too!

Set sail without leaving NYC! These sails are perfect for summer so you can enjoy the sun, sip something great, and enjoy the stunning views.

What are you waiting for?