Sunday Sipping is a great way to end the weekend, also making it a great day for some much needed relaxation after a long workweek. With this gorgeous weather we have been having recently in NYC there is nothing better then walking around, seeing sights, and finding some great little bites to pair with wine!


To go with my Alsatian Pinot Blanc (Featured in the next Wine Wednesday Post), I knew the best place to find some sensational snacking would be the local farmers market. Here at Stuy Town in spring, a bunch of local vendors come out and share their organically grown produce, meats, cheeses, and fruits. I picked up some fresh onion and olive focaccia bread, gouda cheese, dubliner cheese, among other local ingredients you will read about in more sections to this site. The bread was so full of flavor and the tanginess of the olives in the bread combined with the fruit forward Pinot Blanc was pure heaven. For those olive lovers out there, this is certainly a focaccia you must try! To give the bread another little something extra I dipped a few pieces in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with some grated Parmesan Cheese, it was delicious.The Gouda was very mild, but had a slightly sweeter taste which also complimented my lovely afternoon wine. Dubliner cheese is just one of my favorites which is why it had to be added to my afternoon snack; I love the sharpness similar to Cheddar and the bite like that of Parmesan Cheese.


Remember, Life’s to short to drink bad wine; enjoy your Sunday Sip!