I was having some friends over for a little Sunday Sip and some girl talk when we decided to break out the wine. They usually love what I pick so I wanted to surprise them today with something a little different then the usual sweet or white wine they always want. I broke out a bottle of Albenia Canali Sparkling Dry Lambrusco. The look on their faces when they saw dry Lambrusco was puzzling, but like always I reassured them that they will thoroughly enjoy the wine… and they certainly did!

I love picking out interesting yet consumer friendly wines with friends because not only can I teach them a little something, but it’s a great way for them to feel more comfortable when picking and choosing their own wines and not always drinking the same thing.

In the magnificent region of Emilia Romagna lies the Albinea Canali winery. This Northern Italian wine region is known for producing Lambrusco of different sweetness levels and quality. The Albinea Canali winery is the leading producer in premium Lambrusco which is why I was so excited to try this!

N.V. Albinea Canali Lambrusco Ottocentonero


The beauty of dry Lambrusco; this one in particular, are the rich berry notes and the beautiful ruby red color. The slight effervescence of this sparkling wine was not to over powering so it was easy for myself and my friends to really pick out the flavors in the wine and enjoy a little “wine talk”. Lambrusco is a very friendly and affordable wine which makes it great for an afternoon Sunday Sip!

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