IMG_0634Eppa Sangria is organic, fresh, antioxidant rich, making it great for outdoor sipping this summer. Some of the pre-bottled sangria’s can be overly sweet and weak when it comes to alcohol content vs. flavor. Eppa has around the usual 6% but it’s absolutely delicious, vibrant, and refreshing.

Not only is this perfect for summer, but day drinking just got a whole lot better. The organic grapes and natural fruit infusions add that special something to your wine cocktail making it fun, fruity, and agreeable with many spirits. I always add a little something extra to my sangria, as I like it to be the main event. I added a splash of Poema Cava Brut to the Eppa White, along with some Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum, and berries. This was perfect and really set the tone for my July 4th (which is when I enjoyed this). The cava makes the perfect addition because it’s dry, sparkling, and adds nice acidity to the sangria so its not overly sweet.

Summer’s Best Sparkling Sangria- by Sara Lehman

Ingredients: I enjoy to mix it into a pitcher, and top with cava. 

IMG_06371 Bottle Eppa Sangria

10oz Captain Morgan Grapefruit

1 Bottle Poema Cava Brut

Berries/Fruit of your choice


1. Mix together the Eppa, Captain Morgan, and fruit

2. Let sit in the fridge to gain a nice chill

3. Pour into a glass, and top with Cava

4. Enjoy this refreshing sparkling sangria with friends.

* Pairing suggestion: Grilled Cheese, Roasted Tomatoes, and or Frozen Red Grapes!


Please pair responsibly!