Coney Island Brewing Company is one of my new favorite beer brands to drink this summer. Having tasted it last week paired with a juicy, mouthwatering Cheeseburger and hand cut fries at Brinkley’s NYC

IMG_9740Also paired was a death by flour-less chocolate cake, which was decadent, rich, and out of this world yum, paired with a 1906 Amber Ale (Sorry for jumping to dessert before walking you through my favorite brew and pairing).The Mermaid Pilsner Beer with the Brinkley’s Burger was great for a warm summer day. This beer is hoppy and refreshing with just the right amount of body; perfect as a burger beer.


IMG_9738Also paired was another beer, an IPA to bring some bitterness to the pairing. I tend to like the bitter, darker flavors in an IPA so this one was also a winner.

Beer: Overpass IPA

Pairings: Brinkley’s Burger, Bacon, BBQ and Grilled Meats/ Veggies.

Ok back to dessert, because that pairing was a sweet one. This Flourless Chocolate Cake can certainly be shared as it’s very rich. When paired with the Amber Ale it’s delicious and the ale compliments the chocolate… then again beer and chocolate get along very well.

I loved Brinkley’s and now I love Coney Island Brewing Company beer… make both a part of your summer!