I am excited to introduce you to a new line of spirit infused sauces that will add some amazing flavors to your dishes! Spirit & Co. Sauces are all natural and made with premium liquor, which is important because I like to use these sauces as additions for extra flavor and added layers to my home cooking.

Besides premium ingredients they are also free of preservatives and artificial flavors as well as gluten free. Many from the line are also vegan, with the exception of the BBQ sauce, which is considered vegetarian. I am always excited when I find new companies that are doing things the right way and giving you quality ingredients and delicious options.

I first tasted these during the Super Bowl when I decided to make BBQ Bacon Pulled Pork Nachos and Tacos. I used the delicious Bourbon and Smokey Bacon BBQ Sauce which is just out of this world! It’s smokey, has just enough bourbon to taste but not overwhelming, and the bbq is sweet and tangy. I slow cooked my pork for 8 hours with a simple rub I made including Smoked Paprika, Brown Sugar, Beef Stock, Salt, Pepper, Garlic, and Ground Mustard. One that was cooked, I tossed the pork in the Spirit & Co. BBQ sauce to give it that extra flare I wanted for my cheesy and delectable nachos. It was the perfect addition to the meal, and really enhanced the nachos which were topped with fresh salsa, beans, and tons of cheese.

Alongside we enjoyed tacos for Super Bowl and used some of the slow cooked pork, minus the bbq sauce. I decided for tacos to use the Tequila & Green Chile Hot Sauce as a fun addition to the tacos, and between the slow cooked pork and the playful sauce it was just heaven! The sauce isn’t too spicy, but has just the right amount of spice. It’s a really fantastic sauce that I can’t wait to put on everything to be honest! I would absolutely try the green Chile hot sauce with chicken wings, and even French fries; it will all taste great.

The line from Spirit & Co. doesn’t stop there! They also offer an amazing Cabernet Sauvignon & Steak Sauce which I of course had to pair with some steak. I had a virtual tasting for Valentines Day with one of my favorite wineries, Sosie, and chose to make a Sirloin Steak over whipped potatoes, with mushrooms and spinach. The Cabernet steak sauce was the perfect accompaniment to this meal, because it has a savory bite to it, with just the right amount of acid in the sauce to really play well with grilled red meats. Sometimes steak sauces can be overwhelming and overpower the meat, and when you use quality meat you want to taste both. This sauce is the answer to a perfectly balanced steak meal!

Besides all of these wonderful options they also produce an Irish Whiskey Honey Mustard as well as a Vodka & Italian Tomato Ketchup. I can’t wait to break out the honey mustard for St. Paddy’s Day with my corned beef; because that’s just the best. The ketchup is going to be really fun for this weekend’s Valentines Day brunch, so be sure to check out my Instagram @SommInTheCity and see just what I come up with this weekend while using these fun spirited sauces again!

If you’re looking for a great gift for the cooking enthusiast in your life, or simply want to add some flare to your everyday meals, you will absolutely fall in love with Spirit & Co. Sauces!

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly.