Spring and summer are here and its time to make these seasons sparkle! Sparkling wines come in many flavors, varieties, and styles, but one has stood out and won this Somm’s heart this week. The name alone had me intrigued, but little did I know how much I would love this wine… name, flavors, aromas, and all!

IMG_4950Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards located in the Columbia Valley has quite the background behind it. Don & Judy Phelps the owners and wine makers have quite a knack for making some incredible bubbly, along with many other wine styles and varieties.

Good In Bed bubbly which is a Blanc de Noirs (Pinot Noir Grape), is full of brioche, citrus, and yellow apple. This wine is playful on the palate and pairs with a wide range of foods anywhere from cheeses, to mussels, to Indian and American cuisine.

Made in the Champagne method, this wine is certainly one that if you actually took it to bed, it would be great there too! 

Now as I said this wine is very food friendly, so I paired this wine with some Steamed IMG_4838Mussels in a Curry and Tomato broth.The beauty of this pairing is how easy and simple it is. The citrus and yeasty notes in the wine were able to combat the slight spice and still grab all those beautiful flavors of the mussels and nothing overpowered one another. It was an extremely palate pleasing pairing and one I hope you will play with while drinking Good In Bed bubbly!

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