It’s that day of the week again where its time to treat yourself to making it past Monday. For those of you in the restaurant, retail, and hospitality business, you probably don’t know the feeling of having weekends off ever, but that doesn’t mean that you still cant unleash a great wine today or tonight.

IMG_2342            Many people know by now that South Africa makes wine, and great wines at that, but did you know they export to the US? They do, and the prices are reasonable and the Sparkling Chennin Balncs and Chardonnay’s are fabulous! Don’t believe me? Let me show you.

IMG_2341  Since it’s winter, and all of our resolutions will be in effect soon, why not try a healthier dish, so you can have an extra glass of wine, and not worry about it hanging around your belly later the next day. Pan seared Salmon Fillets are perfect for a weeknight meal, and if you put that meaty fillet over some Steamed Stir Fried Brown Rice, mixed with Shallots and Bock Choy, your golden!

Paired with this wonderful and healthy dish was a Philip Jonker Brut from Jonker Family Estate in South Africa. This family owned wine estate in the Robertson Wine Valley, features fun sparkling wines full of body, aroma, and palate pleasing freshness. This one in particular “The Ring” is 100% Chardonnay aka Blanc de Blanc, and is aged 2-3 years on the lees. This wine is wonderful with salmon, picking up all the meaty flavors, and the saltiness in the fried rice.

IMG_2337   This wine is playful with some salt, so I suggest using Falksalt, a brand that specializes in finishing salts that are absolutely to die for! I chose the Wild Garlic to bring in the rest of the Umami and garlic flavors, but the Rosemary or Mushroom would also do splendid things to any dish!

Always remember, eat what you like, and drink what you love!