It has happened! I am constantly making recommendations for wine and cocktails for brides and grooms for their special parties and weddings. I have always loved weddings, ever since starting my career as a Pastry Chef, and working weddings. The time has finally arrived, and now I am the bride! My fiancé Danny surprised me the day before my birthday with a gorgeous ring and an incredible day planned.

First things first… the engagement! How did it happen? Here’s a short synopsis so you get the gist. January 25th, 2020 was a day of torrential rain and downpours. Danny had the entire day planned. We started at the Chelsea Market with brunch at Friedman’s Lunch, before heading to Brookfield Place for an afternoon of whiskey and cigars. For those of you who know me, you know this is an ideal day for me!

But, before cigars, came the unexpected proposal! As we walked into Brookfield Place, I automatically assumed we would be going to Davidoff, but Danny kept pushing me to take a selfie on the stairs. Being my stubborn self, I fought him but eventually gave in to the “selfie” he wanted to take on the stairsWe walk to the top of the stairs, to find his brother standing there, with a bottle of whiskey. Naturally, I am still not even thinking this is weird because we are both very close to our families, and his brother had the whiskey! Then, things got a bit surprising, and that’s when Danny grabs my hand and gets down on one knee! I was in shock, and if you see my Instagram video, you will see too just how happy and surprised I was. There were times in the video I was saying “No, no… wait, here?” I was in complete shock, for a year he led me to believe he would not propose on my birthday. Luckily his brother got it all on video, and because my man knows me too well, he hired my favorite photographer, Markland Photography, to take photos of the entire thing. All I remember about the event was screaming “Oh my god, it’s a diamond!” when he pulled the ring out (you can see it on video on my IG page)!

Luckily for me, my sister and mom pushed me to have my nails done before the occasion because the ring is gorgeous! After crying, taking some photos, and more crying, we made it to Davidoff where we enjoyed several hours of cigar smoking, phone calls, and some much-needed whiskey. Cigars were relaxing, but Danny did not stop there. As if the day wasn’t already exciting enough, we completed my birthday at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse where we enjoyed an incredible meal and wines! It was an evening I will never forget, and am so happy he planned this all before COVID struck.

After the engagement comes many more milestones, which is why I am launching Somm In The Bridal Suite to keep you up to date on all things wedding! We set a date, October 22, 2021, and I am so excited to share more with you all.

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