This Sommelier is busy planning the wedding, however, luckily I have managed to book a venue, church, and photographer! After this, it was time to surprise all my bridesmaids and matron of honor with a fun proposal brunch. Due to COVID, we had to move it from march to august, but it worked out well in the end. I decided to invite the ladies in for a brunch, complete with wine, gifts, and plenty of delicious food.

My bridal party consists of two of my college besties, my twin sister, my new sister-in-law, and my two New York best friends! It’s a great group of women if I do say so myself. The brunch was amazing, with 90’s music throwbacks, plenty of dancing, and of course, wine! Thank you to my amazing friends over at Freixenet USA for some fantastic Italian Rosé and Prosecco. These bottles are absolutely gorgeous and look like their encrusted in diamonds almost. We started off with a few bottles of the Italian Rosé which paired perfectly with the Tomato and Parmesan Foccacia, Maple Bacon, and Smoked Salmon Toasts! The ladies loved the effervescence of this wine as well as the striking red fruit notes. This wine is dry but has plenty of fruit-forward flavors and a deliciously long finish. It’s ideal with brunch and could easily pair with other favorites such as a frittata, avocado toast, and cheese and charcuterie! The rosé is made from 85% Glera and 15% Pinot Noir grapes, which is an ideal blend and adds nice complexity and texture to this wine. Overall this was a crowd favorite and in the words of my not so bubbly loving twin sister “I can’t believe how obsessed with this wine I am!”. 

After a few glasses of rosé and a ton of Boomerang’s, I had the ladies sit down and handed them their boxes. Inside the box was a mini bottle of the Freixenet Rosé, a Mom Bombs Bath Bomb, a Makeup Bag, and a Compact Mirror.

I chose these for specific reasons including:

Freixenet Rosé: Never let anyone dull your sparkle, from your favorite Somm!

Mom Bombs Bath Bomb: Always remember to treat your self! This is one of my favorite bath bomb companies, where your purchase goes to helping moms in need.

Makeup Bag: Because my ladies are essential in my life as a makeup bag is to a purse!

Compact Mirror: To always remind them of how beautiful they are! Plus there is a special photo we are using them for in our bridal suite on the day of the wedding.

They were thrilled with the boxes, which we also paired with some Tangerine Mimosas using the Freixenet Prosecco! This prosecco is delicious on its own and is crisp, citrus-forward, elegant, and delicious. I absolutely would drink it on its own, but when combined with Trader Joe’s fresh tangerine juice, it’s really delicious. The prosecco paired really well with fresh-baked croissants, as well as our truffle cheese. Some ladies said they also loved the prosecco on its own with the smoked salt shishito peppers I made too!

If you’re a bride to be, or part of a bridal party and are looking for ideal additions to your celebrations, I highly recommend Freixenet Italian Rosé and Prosecco for your gathering. They run about $20-21/bottle but are absolutely worth it!

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly!