Slow & Low Rock and Rye CanSlow & Low Rock and Rye Whiskey recently released a high quality canned cocktail! I am a big fan of Slow & Low straight rye whiskey, so when I heard about their cocktail in a can, I knew I had to try it.

Inside the cans contain a mixture of aged straight rye whiskey, raw honey from PA, air-dried navel oranges from FL, a touch of rock candy, and some Angostura bitters. These petit cocktails are a must have for all your backyard summer bbq’s, picnics, and sunny beach days. The cocktails are 84 proof and pair perfectly with slow cooked ribs as well as cigars.


A bit of history: “Its humble beginnings can be traced back to the saloons of the burgeoning nation‚ where stern-faced barkeeps would pour a shot of rye and let the customers add their own rock candy‚ thereby creating a drink similar to the granddaddy of all cocktails: the Old Fashioned. The effects of the new concoction were so immediate and so powerful that by the mid 19th Century the Rock and Rye cocktail migrated from the bar to the pharmacy.”-

Slow & Low Rock and Rye CanUpon first sip of this Old Fashioned inspired canned cocktail, I knew I had to pair it with a Davidoff Grand Cru Robusto. The cigar is full bodied, bold, and spicy. Pairing it with a citrus driven, extra dry cocktail with just a touch of sweetness is exactly what any sunny spring or summer day needs!

Make the most out of your days off and enjoy this one of a kind, high quality canned cocktail. Those who enjoy an Old Fashioned will surely enjoy the new Slow & Low Rock and Rye Can.

Please pair responsibly!