I have a passion for wine, and ever since taking quite a few Master Classes with Erik Segelbaum, I have developed more of a love for Israeli wines than ever before! The versatility of the wines from Israel is amazing, and I have featured them on the blog before as well as at my own wine events at One Sixty Madison, where I am the Sommelier and Lifestyle Curator.

Here you will find complex terroir, high altitudes some places, high quality wines, and amazing range of styles due to winemakers really making a name for themselves in wine! Here you’ll find sparkling, white, rosé, and red wines made from many grape varietals that you know such as Cabernet, Chenin Blanc, Petit Verdot, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and so much more. I like to say when it comes to Israeli wines, “there’s a wine for every palate preference” and it’s so true!

I recently had the pleasure of tasting some delicious Israeli wines thanks to Royal Wine Corp. who is a great distributor of some of the finest Israeli, Kosher wines and liqueurs. I was really feeling the sudden fall weather in NYC and wanted to do a fun fall wine and charcuterie pairing so when you have your next dinner party or gathering, you’ll have the perfect wines to pair with some delicious cheeses and more.

Nana Estate Chenin Blanc 2019- This wine is stunning! I fell in love with every single sip, and even paired this one in my recent IG Reel with a Baked Feta topped with Roasted Grapes! This wine is ideal for all year sipping however with a fall cheese and charcuterie board it’s just perfect. Fresh aromas of citrus and tropical fruits, followed by a palate thats perfect with medium acidity, mineralogy, and elegance. Pair this with some fun saltier cheeses such as a Pecorino or a Parmesan, it’s playful pairing-wise. I also love this with Olive Tapenade, and even some Jamón! This is also an ideal white for Thanksgiving so keep that in mind.

Segal Native Marawi 2019- Another wow wine, with some light oak on the nose. Lots of citrus with grapefruit and stone fruit notes. There is nice spice on this wine making it ideal with a wine washed cheese, such as the Merlot cheese, and even something super mild, like a Munster cheese. It has a refreshing finish and is very pair-able with many fall flavors, including pumpkin and baking spice!

Netofa Tel Qassar White 2017- Very cool! This wine is 100% Roussanne and aged in French oak and is delicious with notes of honeysuckle, pears, orange, some nuttiness. The palate is round and alluring with hints of vanilla and minerality. It’s a great wine for the holidays, and can be paired with brie, creamier cheeses, and even something salty like potato chips! For fall, this is certainly going to be a crowd pleaser with cheese and charcuterie as well as roasted root vegetables.

Castel Raziel Syrah/Carignan 2018 I absolutely love this red! Upon first sip I was just blown away by it’s incredible aromas, smooth palate, and lingering beautiful finish. Hand picked grapes that are then matured 18 months in oak barrels. This wine is extremely elegant and ideal for cheese and charcuterie pairings, because of the elegant tannins. I also love this wine with red meats, and charred vegetables. This wine is an absolute must have for any red wine lover, and also makes a great gift for the holidays!

Shiloh Legend Honi 2017- A really fun blend from one of my favorite wineries in Israel. Granted I have not visited Israel yet, but I have tasted my way around and I have always loved the wines from Shiloh winery. A fun blend of Cabernet, Carignan, and Sangiovese grapes aged in oak for 16 months. A beautiful color with deep berry notes and tobacco, with complexity and spice. It’s just a beautiful wine that’s ideal with bold or sharper cheeses. I also loved the playful pairing with some olive tapenade, and some horseradish cheddar spread (from the cheese board above). 

Vitkin Carignan 2018- A deep wine thats just perfect with a fall board! Nice acid with floral and fruit notes. I absolutely love this wine with appetizers and if you wanted to add to the board above, a nice piece of Buratta would do great and also pair nicely with this wine. Some tartness in this wine makes it fun and great with even sweeter items such as dried apricots, or candied nuts! A fantastic wine from a great winery, and it’s ideal for the fall and winter season.

If you’re seeking something to enjoy over the Jewish holidays or just in general (I drink Israeli wine all year long) then I absolutely recommend checking out some wines from Israel. If you haven’t had them you should because you will love them. I have featured many on the site, but if you’re new to Israeli wine, here are six wines to start with!