011_MD20398-Rotari Wines from Trento DOC recently launched a line of vintage dated sparkling wines! Winemaker Lucio Matricardi, Ph.D was there to showcase his wonderful sparkling wines from this well known Italian wine region. These sparkling wines are from a noble vine, found in the Dolomites, Italy and is ideal for the climatic conditions.

The climate in Dolimites is responsible for ROTARI BRUT_075_2016_Data 2016developing the wines unique freshness, fragrance, and intense aromatic notes. The vineyards are located along rolling hills in the Adige Valley, and in this beautiful region, the strong temperature changes help to conserve a refreshing acidity. Lucio makes both a Brut and a Rosé, which won my heart and will win yours too! 

Only the best grapes are hand picked and brought quickly into the cellar for processing. The grapes see about 8-10 hours of skin contact after crushing and de-stemming, and to preserve the Chardonnay’s freshness and aromatics, fermentation in stainless steel is used as opposed to oak. The brut is straw green with yellow hues, a pineapple, apple, and floral nose, and an elegant finish.

ROTARI ROSE'_075_2016_Data 2016The rosé is made with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay; two international grape varietals that have well adapted to the Trentino territory, in the heart of Dolomites. Also situated on the hillsides, the excellent sun exposure ensures perfect maturation and sugar ripening of red fruit aromas, making this rosé truly exceptional. This wine also is fermented in stainless steel to preserve the fruit aromas and characteristics, as well as hand picked using only the finest pinot noir and chardonnay grapes. This sparkling wine is pale pink in color with copper hues and a nose of berry, pineapple, and white flowers. On the palate it’s elegant and and mineral driven with lively acidity and wonderful fragrant aromas.

Both of these bubblies are great as an aperitif but also pair beautifully with cheeses, fish, and even chocolate forward desserts. At 12.5% alcohol, these wines will wow your palate and are perfect for any occasion. Please pair responsibly.