IMG_1297This season you should be sipping, savoring and celebrating with some Prosecco! Featured at the Bubbles & Bites event at The Chelsea Wine Vault, this prosecco was not only whipped into goat cheese but it also was a star with it’s own pairing.

DEI CASEL Extra Dry Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore: Dry and beautiful with striking pineapple, citrus and salty notes, this prosecco superiore was whipped into goat cheese and topped some prosciutto wrapped plums! 

*Note this is a prosecco that can also age well with the right cellar conditions! 

Picture1Col Credas Brut Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Rive di Farra di Soligo: Also dry and absolutely gorgeous with the plums and goat cheese. This prosecco is grown on steep hillside vineyards which is where the word “Rive” denotes from. This wine is intense with fruit forward aromas, a delicate mousse, and absolutely gorgeous for your holiday brunch and or any celebratory event. On the palate this wine is “cool” and complex and will also pair well with cheeses, charcuterie and fried calamari!

* Note this is a prosecco that can also age well with the right cellar conditions!

Not only do I love both of these wines, and would absolutely drink the Extra Dry on it’s own, but these wines are around $20.00 and under. Prosecco when made with quality and passion (like these Adami family wines) are extremely beautiful, delicate and pair-able with some of this season’s favorite foods!

These are my top 2 prosecco choices for this season, keep an eye out for them on my gift guides around the holidays… and as if you need another reason to drink some bubbles, here are 5 more reasons to drink Prosecco this season!

Top 5 reasons to choose Prosecco this season: 

1. Inexpensive but great quality and style, giving you a reason to celebrate with multiple bottles instead of just one!

2. Great for your “fruity” wine friends!

3. Pair’s well with most comfort foods for fall and winter!

4. Beautiful labels make for a great gift for the “hostess with the most-ess”!

5. Great gift for co-workers, bosses, 21+ Secret Santa grab bags, and more!