moscato-strawberry-3Friends Fun Wine is just what you need this season. This wine in a can is not only perfect for a BBQ or picnic, but its low calorie and low in alcohol. This spring and summer, sip on these fun and friendly flavored cans of wine.

New York City in springtime is gorgeous. The parks are green, the flowers come out to bloom, and when you have some time off you want to be outside right? Grab a picnic basket, a wine drinking buddy, some Fun Wine from these locations, some snacks, and head to the nearest grassy knoll.

moscato-peach-2My favorite is the Rose Moscato as well as the Peach Moscato. These are bright and fun and I really enjoyed each and every sip. They are so refreshing and have such a friendly flavor. Other flavors include Cabernet Coffee Espresso, which at first I was a little hesitant too, but it’s actually pretty fun, and I paired it with blue cheese and some honeycomb.

Try them…it’ll be the most ‘fun’ you’ve ever had!